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A scant 15 games into the season and with only 147 games to right the campaign, New England’s fan base is rapidly striking the panic button. A six win and nine loss start to the season has the fans turning to the message boards, social media, and radio call-in shows to express their displeasure with the team’s cold start.

In their current incarnation as one of the NFL’s most prolific dynasties the Patriots have had their fair share of hits and misses at cornerback in the NFL Draft. Of course that leads to the burning question of: Who was the best New England Patriots draft pick ever at cornerback?

A big question for 2014 is if the New England Patriots have enough depth at cornerback behind Darrelle Revis to make a significant improvement in the secondary and be ready for a Super Bowl run.

As the Bruins move towards the playoffs next week, there are still a number of nagging questions to answer as they try to get back to – and capture – Lord Stanley’s Cup this spring.

The New England Patriots face an off-season with a need to find depth at inside linebacker after the departure of Brandon Spikes in free agency. One avenue to explore is the NFL Draft to find another player to handle the inside (or Mike) linebacker position in the base 4-3 defense going forward. That leads to the question: who was the best New England Patriots draft pick ever at inside linebacker?

The New England Patriots need depth at inside linebacker with the departure of Brandon Spikes: Without Spikes the Patriots defense loses a rock in the middle of the defense in the running game. While a liability in the passing game, Spikes was a beast when opponents ran the ball.

New England has only three running backs left on the roster after running back LeGarrette Blount signed with Pittsburgh. There may still be bargains in free agency at the position if the team explores that option, but the low-cost bang-for-the-buck deals at running back are in the draft.

So is backup quarterback Ryan Mallett in his last season in New England? Is he a priority to re-sign in the off-season as the QB of the future? Or is he trade bait as the draft approaches?

My weekly blog at YouGabSports looks at Ryan Braun and whether ‘tis nobler to boo, or not to boo, DeSean Jackson, Patrick Chung back to New England, the Giants free agency and more.

The question today becomes: Who was the New England Patriots’ best draft pick ever at outside linebacker?